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Call PH 310.514.6691 for info or to meet with us.
C.L.I.F.F. Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation

S.O.A.R. Seeking Other Alternative Resources
Call the CLIFF Collaborative 310.514.6691. Thank you.
6054 S. Normandie Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90044
Administrators Chaplain Ruth C. Summers Tweedle, M.A.
Dr. Jessie C. Barbour
Catherine R. Davila Licensed Realtor
Chaplain Revell Tweedle, M.A. Div.

In GOD We Trust.
The MWR morale welfare and recreation of a community is largely held together by the holistic aspects surroundings creating a better environment holistically for all.
Our programs engage the youth and the adults who are part of their lives while introducing all to a more excellent way of living together in peace, harmony, and love appreciating the beauty of nature the artistry of ourselves and others, education that fulfills the hopes and dreams of being an American and citizen of the world while helping to develop sturdier more sound finances to carry through on  the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Read Below  Economic Development to see how you can help with the abatement of homelessness and create more opportunities for education in the arts technology math and more while creating a better environment for all through mutual respect and love.

Thank You for viewing. All information including jobs listings that are found on this website and links are subject to change at the discretion of each website and company.

WE are not spokespeople for companies.
Information found herein is based upon our experiences or interviews.


Travel Tip:  When touring or traveling and trying to make arrangements for a call later in the day, it is sometimes better to give a range such as I'll call you in three hours instead of trying to set the call for a specific time.  Another  Tip:  Cell phones in most cases go to the time zone you are actually in once you receive one call or turn it off and on, unlike watches which usually have to be reset.

For additional Tips you may look through the website or simply make a donation of $12.00 or more to receive a copy of Quips & Quotes filled with wisdom and visual affirmations.
  Make your $12.00 or lager donation now.  Thank you.  Also read below and read,  Economic Development Pages and Radical Reading Skills to see what CLIFF Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation and our partners are up to.  Join our work.

Veterans Serve Out of Uniform
President Barack Obama is pictured with Veteran Antonier White aka Tony White.

Check out Veteran Antonier White and President Barack Obama.  We are so proud of you. 
Veteran Revell Tweedle talks about how you were his vice president in college and here you are working with President Obama.

President Obama's and First Lady Michelle Obama's goal was to have all homeless veterans off the street by the end of 2015. While there is still some work to do, some progress has been made. CLIFF Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation heads a collaborative that is working together to end homelessness, educate in the arts, technology, math, finance, home training,and more while restoring health in all lives.


C.L.I.F.F. Phone 310.514.6691
Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation


Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation CLIFF is a collaborative of over 30 organizations, trusts, churches, developers, agencies, families, and individuals advocating
  •  working for the concerns  of homeless people and the abatement of homelessness: 
  • working to create opportunities for financial education, creation of jobs and businesses, 
  • bettering the capacities and results in our youth and adults for obtaining education in arts, reading, technology, trades math and business development
  • while teaching self esteem, love, respect for everyone, pride of ownership, and appreciation of diversity in all cultures, races, creeds, and colors. 
We unquestionably believe in GOD, but do not question the beliefs of those we help be it
  • feeding under the bridges at the S.O.A.R. Seeking Other Alternative Resources, Community Centers Downtown Los Angeles , Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Redondo Beach, and at regional group homes for children and for adults and homeless shelters, 
  • finding housing providing hotel rooms or gym memberships for homeless persons and families or other persons in distress, 
  • doing resumes or other business writing and economic development classes for others, at P.E.A.C.E. Professional Entertainers and Artists Convention & Expo
  • providing transportation for medical, shopping or other needs of disabled and indigent persons,  
  • producing the Homeless Performer's Extravaganza, 
  • providing CLIFF/SOAR Veteran’s Day luncheons with free photography for the community,
  • assisting others through our recycling efforts e.g. videos in Texas for the advocates of the Bottle Bill, supporting homeless people with stipends for managing recyclables, and giving recyclables collected to homeless people, 
  • providing free holistic and medical seminars with testing and treatments, 
  • doing festivals and concerts free to the public, 
  • and taking people on field trips nationally and internationally, e.g. Sacramento, Houston, Niagara Falls, Washington D.C. London, and Egypt, etc.  We just get our work done.

We have as one of our goals the creation of Healthy Villages Target Areas helping to abate homelessness and restoring health in all lives.

Some members of our collaborators and friends  are Alliance of Repentant Criminals ARC, Better Days Growth Group, Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation CLIFF, Family Connection, Inc. House Smarts Networking Counselors CDC, Loving to Learn Association, Neighborhood Empowerment Coalition NEC, Pathways National HUD-VASH Program, RRR Realty, Rock Solid, Seeking Other Alternative Resources S.O.A.R., The People for Community Improvement Center PCI Jobs & Education Resource Center J.E.R.C., The Revelation Network TRN, Trilogy Financial, plus various other organizations, trusts, developers, families, and individual concerns. 


FEASIBILITY deals with the ease of doing a goal. VIABILITY deals with can it work. Not only can we easily end homelessness, create jobs and better use funds allocated for social health and wellness, it is IMPERATIVE (most important) that we do so to decrease world anger and suffering, it is also INCUMBENT (duty and responsibility) upon our generation of people to perform the task, being the first generation of total awareness through the worldwide dissemination of information.


“With a roof they can keep a job, with a job they can keep a roof,” says Ingrid Bataya.  We can do this without religious domination, “Let everyone be equally persuaded in his own way,” and without government forced relocation.


Working to end homelessness has too often been photo opts to bring food to houseless people as opposed to being an opportunity to create low income houses. We get the H’s mixed up: Homeless - Hungry.  It is time to stop having food fights with homeless people.


Eating and farting too much of, “The Best of Everything,” we have some rich people dying of diseases as a matter of style and fashion bragging about their doctors, and some poorer people equally engrossed in the attention of having illness that only one in 200,000 people get or eating their ways to the grave with which ever illness is the popular one now on T.V or in their communities. We can work to help people to make healthier choices in snacks, drinks, entrees, and movement or exercise.


In real estate, developers make money on the deal in accordance with how we buy in.  Instead of buy low sell high: We will buy low, build low, and sell reasonably to share the savings with the end user or mortgagor. We can eliminate homelessness by simply acquiring land through purchase and donation, building low priced (by cost of materials instead of by square feet) houses and condos for people with low incomes passing that savings on in the sale that can be purchased through their varying sources of income defined as work, even retirements, and social programs, e.g. for the aging and the abandoned aged out youth from foster care, for other indigent people through to those people robbed of gainful income due to the greed, excess, outsourcing, and competitiveness of the 1%ers: utilizing systems including efficient buying and building, responsible loving real estate selling, and family trusts, to form and acquire houses - these social enclaves that define the difference between the houseless, the well off, and everyone in between.  Houses for homeless people, Imagine That!


Populations in the United States of America are resultant of migration going back to the Native Americans coming across the archipelagos from Asia to populate the Americas and Africans following the currents in boats that went all the way to Australia, thusly the indigenous people there, but some stopping in the Americas.  Consider the nearness in appearance of Asian and Eskimo Natives of Alaska and the nearness in appearance of some persons from Central and South America to Northern Africans.  Miscegenation of people and migration be it willful or by desire creates a one world look.


The migration of people from Europe was in some ways forced relocation, as:  prisons were emptied and criminals were shipped to the “New World,” and religious dissenters fled England seeking refuge to keep from being forced into religions with which they found fault as opposed to being thrown into jail by such as King James; the European abduction of people from Africa for the abductors to increase the wealth of the few rich through unpaid work was also forced relocation.


Forced relocation brings us to one of the greater of problems that has caused homelessness in the United States.  In many cities which we have targeted in the contiguous United States of America CONUS, and beyond, outside the contiguous United States of America OCONUS, we show the money trail e.g. the Trail of Tears and the circa 1829 discovery of gold in Georgia that caused people Native Americans and the Blacks and Whites in Native American Villages to be to be jerked up out of that part of the country, to have to have been waked to and awakened in climates for which they had no preparation, protection, or covering (no roof, tent, or even blankets), nor food.  Forced relocation included marching Native Americans away from their Oregon tribal lands to Idaho, “I will fight no more forever,” said Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce in 1877, was symbolic of a wave that this country is still struggling with: in every neighborhood homeless people of every race.  Some people struggle to the top from any community. However too many are left in squalor.


We will show how meticulous attention to the scale of problems of homeless people and overall poor health habits of all of us can be obliterated; first and far most paying attention to the housing, then the work needs of people, health and education offering options for successful reentry into communities with assistance from resources made readily available to the jobless, disabled, disenfranchised restoring inalienable rights, natural rights bestowed by GOD.

Healthy Villages Design 4 Photo by Revell Tweedle
Areas that hold large acreage allow for expansion, growing organically.
  All Models will begin with the New Villages Design 5 and build up or down from there in accordance with space.

Contingency is 12%, and is necessary for unforeseen problems be it acts of GOD, war, terrorism, etc.  The governance of the administration creates a peripatetic system to allow for expansion and to create better lifestyles CONUS and OCONUS. 
Family entertainment, beauty, health, and relaxation are parts of the market mix. Research shows that communities such as Anaheim, Las Vegas, and New York thrive with family entertainment. Thank you for your perusal and prompt attention to these matters.

Digital and Beyond LA Tech Conference in Leimert Park genuinely was
a good time. Photography by Revell Tweedle
Attendees included Bryan Franklin, Pablo Lopez, Eric T. Elder, Ross Jordan, De Forest Kirkwood, Charles Babb, Mike Tringe, Julia Cooksey

CLIFF Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation with
and SOAR Seeking Other Alternative Resources
BI MONTHLY MEETINGS at Hometown Buffet and other places allow administrators to not only feed homeless people, but also to create policy and plan actions for the abatement of homelessness. Photo by Revell Tweedle

Call PH 310.514.6691for info or to meet with us.
C.L.I.F.F. Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation

S.O.A.R. Seeking Other Alternative Resources
Call CLIFF Collaborative 310.514.6691
6054 S. Normandie Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90044
Administrators Chaplain Ruth C. Summers Tweedle, M.A.
Dr. Jessie C. Barbour
Catherine R. Davila Licensed Realtor
Chaplain Revell Tweedle, M.A. Div.

The Tweedles
Cancun This Summer!
We are touring the beaches
CALL  for Fun and Money News Magazine and Curriculum Calendars.
Father GOD is the answer in all things but you can't get to the Father accept by way of and through the Son JESUS.
The Tweedles, Davilas, Smiths and Careys in Maui
Revell Tweedle & Ruth Summers Tweedle
aka Queenii
are Christian Radio Show Hosts.

Photo by Nish

Hi! We broadcast from studio to coast to events all over 
                                             Something good has happened to us and it can happen to you too!


We Travel and You Can too.

Homes For Homeless People
and other Low Income Housing

We throw a lot of things at homeless people from blame to criminalizing a bad condition.
Some even have food fights with them, and sometimes bring them raw or spoiled foods.

We propose homes for homeless people. Picture That! What a novel idea!

Did you know that about 28% of the people who are homeless in the United States live in Los Angeles County?

We can help out?


GOD Bless in JESUS' Name.

Volunteers may write to us at

Donation for Building Homes for People in America


Do You Have a Lot that You Would Like to Sell?
We May Want to Buy It?
Call us at 310.514.6691
We are currently tracking in Southern California.

KEEP LISTENING to READING TO FIND TIPS on this website and examples of the great life.
CONSIDER THIS: When you are being selfish with others, you may forget to put the treat on your own plate when you get ready to eat.

FOOD Giveaway
1st Lutheran Church 2nd and 4th Thursday 9 AM Sign in
600 W. Queen Street Inglewood, CA 90301

  Thursdays 12:30  PM  - 2:00 PM
  C.L.I.F.F. at S.O.A.R. Garage
Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation collaborating with Seeking Other Alternative Resources 
6054 S. Normandie Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90044
Call PH 310.514.6691 for info or to meet with us.
C.L.I.F.F. Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation

S.O.A.R. Seeking Other Alternative Resources
Phone 323.606.3423
6054 S. Normandie Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90044
Administrators Chaplain Ruth C. Summers Tweedle, M.A.
Dr. Jessie C. Barbour
Catherine R. Davila Licensed Realtor
Chaplain Revell Tweedle, M.A. Div.

City Services
Share Your Thoughts. Find out what's happening. Ask for results.
Revell Tweedle formerly Corresponding Secretary for Voices Neighborhood Council has returned as a Volunteer for both the Health and Safety Committee and Senior Committee.  Ruth Summers Tweedle former Education Representative is on the Health and Safety and Outreach Committees.

Revell Tweedle and Ruth Summers Tweedle are Chaplains working with Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation CLIFF and are committed to the community surrounding SOAR Community Center where they are working with center Director Dr. Jessie Barbour Shane Butler, De Jones, Trinidad Martinez, Miguel Gutierez and may others.  We are relocating Our Museum/Nuestro Museo is being utilized by a church and a local store is using the administrative offices.  But we are still doing the Weekly Food Giveaway at the SOAR Garage.

The Botanic Garden is creating six foot sunflowers, even taller Canna Indica 'Red Stripe' various succulents and grasses, and other water wise plants.  Revell Tweedle loves getting his P.T. on by carrying buckets of water to the plants.  Professional gardeners said nothing could be grown in the parkways without a sprinkler system, however they had to acquiesce because it has worked using buckets of water which uses much less water than a sprinkler system or even a water hose. The raised garden is also coming along well in the fenced area.

Thank You.

Make a donation to SOAR for the Botanic Garden and Youth Art Space

Learn how to code computers and create apps.


 P.E.A.C.E. Professional Entertainers and Artists Convention & Expo


AGENTS:  film acting music sports and technology booking showcases.
Los Angeles natives thru to youth and adults from around the world got the hookup last year: housing and jobs in and out of the entertainment industry. Collaborators Robert & Jessie Barbour Foundation, C.L.I.F.F. Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation, Loving to Learn Assn., Word of GOD International University, The LIFE Group, Dr. Rabb’s Holistic Health Service, P.L.S.E.R.T. Professional Leadership Systems Employment Recruitment Training, Rap to Tap Performance CampTM, Help Ministry, Healer from Kingdom Ministry.  Services in English, Spanish, and Thai.

Call PH 310.514.6691 for info or to meet with us.
C.L.I.F.F. Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation

S.O.A.R. Seeking Other Alternative Resources
Call 323.606.3423
6054 S. Normandie Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90044
Administrators Chaplain Ruth C. Summers Tweedle, M.A.
Dr. Jessie C. Barbour
Catherine R. Davila Licensed Realtor
Chaplain Revell Tweedle, M.A. Div.

Community Honors for Excellence in Entertainment will take place. 

Help is still needed.  With the influx of persons coming to Los Angeles looking for stardom because of the old facade of being discovered in Hollywood, reality shows and contests, we have over 250,000 people identified homeless and growing.  The entertainment industry owes a debt to society and we will work together to clear up our part of this issue.

TIP:  Marking yourself up a lot with tattoos limits your opportunities in modeling and acting.

Would you like to learn how to be an ELECTRICIAN?
Rennie Wilson says, "All you have to be able to do is stand up and we will train you."  They have a training program all adults including homeless persons can participate in. 18 and want to be an electrician? Call Rennie Wilson.
Rennie Wilson 626.243.9700 or 626.808.5140

Oil Jobs

Want to be and NBA Referee?  It Pays.

Do you know this sport?  FIRST: Compose Your Profile - Job History, Your Sports History, Physical Ability to run up and down the court, Education, and Passion for this kind of work.  Be sure to spell check and grammar check your writing.  Stay on point.  If you need help writing email us at for help with writing your profil

Send Your Profile to:  George Tolliver Rules Interpretation C.E.O. for the National Basketball Association and J.B. Caldwell Scouting Coordinator for Talent to   After sending profile call J.B. Caldwell and tell him to look for your Profile in his email PH  201.772.8073. Be sure to say thank you for taking your call.  Be polite without sucking up.

Business Building Lessons
ARE YOU AN ENTREPRENEUR? CLICK RIGHT HERE. Listen to various models of success to learn about the planning, hard work, and follow through that leads to mega success in industries from entertainment to shipping products and everything in between. Wait for BETV Box at right. Click on play triangle. First you will see Tyler Perry talking about movies and TV success.  Then Pastor T.D. Jakes, Chef Jeff, and many successful people in various businesses.  LISTEN REPEATEDLY and TAKE NOTES<<<< Figure out how to use these examples to make a plan that you can 
stick with it until you make it, help others, and enjoy life in the process.  Never forget, "The first part of receiving is giving," Pastor Della Reese Lett. Always remember, "The first part of work smart is WORK," Chaplain Ruth Summers Tweedle, "And forget , "Not hard."  "Everybody is tired at the end of the day," Clotee Ruth Summers.  Therefore, accomplish something you can enjoy having done in your extraordinarily wonderful life!
   |    713-521-0900  | FAX: 713-524-7599

© 2008  |  4107 Inkberry Valley Lane, Houston, TX 77045-1711

Modus Operandi Shows Booking Agency
Are You interested in college touring?
Do You have an act 30 minutes, an hour, two hours?
Are you in an ensemble, a band, a play, a one person show?  Consider college touring with MoShows.
Write to to give information about your act.  I have toured colleges with MoShows.
If you have an act and can work easily with other acts, MoShows is a great place to start building your way to a stronger career.
Tell them Queenii a.k.a. Rev. Ruth referred them to you.  Oprah, Carrot Top. Jay Leno, and Rosie O'Donnell did college touring.  

Studio Kids Management
Studio Kids Management/Lisa Santillan is not a talent agent/agency.  CALL 562.902.9638   FX 562.902.0498
15068 Rosecrans Ave. #198, LaMirada, CA 90638

Kids Background Talent   CALL 661.964.0131
207 S. Flower Street, Second Floor, Burbank, CA 91502
Kids Background Talent sends photos and information to casting agents daily.

Pro Photos 
If you would like to have Head Shots with Resume done by one of our professionals of Fun and Money News for a minimal sitting fee CLICK Photo Fundraiser.  While we specialize in church and school photography, we do photos for national magazines. Email

Casting Agencies

Do not call their Production Lines as these are for people who are working above line in the administrative area of the work seeking people to work as Talent. Calling Production Lines can result in loss of privileges in being Hired as Talent.  Please contact the list below.  More contacts are added regularly in entertainment and other fields. Thank You for participating.

TIP:  Working in various areas of the entertainment industry allows you to live comfortably until you get your break and increases your outcomes for success in you chosen area of work.

Central Casting

Main Line 818.562.2700     Registration Line 818.562.2755

Non-Union Women 818.260.6130    Non-Union Men 818.260.6120

SAG/AFTRA WOMEN 818.260.6110    SAG/AFTRA MEN 818.260.6100

Performing Arts Studio West  Main Line 310.674.1346        Registration Line: 818.260.0992

P.O. Box 1441, Inglewood, CA 90308

Cline Entertainment

We have a background casting division, as well as a principal management division.


Creative Extras Casting!contact/con8

  Toll Free 877.217.CAST  Phone: 310.391.9041
Mailing Address:  2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #501  Santa Monica, CA 90404

Bill Dance Casting  Registration  818.725.4209  Talent Line  818.754.6634 

4605 Lankershim Blvd. Suite 110  North Hollywood, CA 91602

Rich King Casting   323.993.0186 Ext. 301
P.O.B. 93506  Los Angeles, CA 90025


Hollywood OS ®  PH 310.289.9400        310.277.1007

Other Entertainment Industry Jobs

20th Century Fox A News Corporation Company



If you have a special situation that calls for you to work offsite, consider posting your resume and finding out if employers will work with you in order to be able to utilize your specialized experience or skills. Thank you.

Look Often for New Sites

GOD Bless in JESUS’ Name.

Chaplain Rev. Ruth Summers Tweedle

Thank you.

TIP:  You are Talent and the above line people need you as much as you need them to make everything work smoothly in the entertainment business.

FIX YOUR SMILE for Under $50. We've tried it, it works, see below.

Do you have holes in your smile?
I do.  SEE the pictures Below.  I had the expensive work done and it broke again.  Another friend had the same experience.  Her tooth broke the next day after the work was done with no guarantee on the work.

We found this Imako Company online and were not totally satisfied initially because of the color and weight of the teeth as they tore up too easily. NOW the company has improved its product utilizing a new supplier and while they don't make the claim, I have found that you can eat most food with these teeth even though they are temporary teeth. Not eating with the teeth keeps them from getting stained as quickly. Brightening the teeth is done best with soaking in Peroxide.  Yes your teeth will be in a glass sometimes.  The experiences that we make are not backed up by the company as we are not their employees or spokespersons.

The only point is to give you an option under $50. for purchasing teeth that enhance your appearance. When I purchase, which is about two times a year for myself, I order extra Pink & White Fitting Material because as you use the teeth the fitting material will wear down faster than the teeth over time.  I take a clean nail clipper when fitting the teeth to cut the canine and premolar teeth to the size that is best for me.  It does not compromise the teeth in my experience. Soaking in peroxide seems to work best for me to clean the false teeth, and my mouth.  

This product is an option on the way to affording costly Lumineers or other high priced procedures.  You can sing and speak with these when you fit them right for you.  Most people look better with the small teeth in the bleached color.  The natural color is too yellow and the large teeth may be too large for most people. The first time I got the large teeth it reminded me of the dog with the false teeth pictured at Ripley's Believe It or Not. My friend Cynthia said, "You look great," but I prefer the small teeth. 

I went to two dentists one recommended by my Herbalist Mary
in Los Angeles and was told by the dentist that if she fixed my tooth for $1,500. there was no guarantee. My husband to be at the time Revell Tweedle made an appointment for me with the other dentist in Houston when I asked about Lumineers the dentist said, "I wish I could afford those, they run about $20,000."  I guess that's why when Revell Tweedle, De Jones, and I went to Honorable Council Member Curren Price's swearing in there was a gentlemen from San Diego to whom I was introduced as being a dentist who was snaggle-toothed.  Help for the "Dentally challenged" (Jay Leno's term) can be high even if you are a dentist!

For under $50., I'm straight until I make my next $3,000,000.

GOD Bless in JESUS' Name. With Love, Rev. Ruth

The POWER to Create Wealth

presented by The L I F E Group Land Interests & Future Economics
Call 323.775.4474 to learn more.

Join The LIFE Group

  • What You Will Learn is How To Start Your Business Using Other People's Money
  • Learn the LIFE Group Wealth Equation and Become Financially Independent for the Rest of your Life
  • The Best Way to Invest in Real Estate without losing Your Shirt
  • Make Your Pastor Church and Ministry Totally Financially  utilizing CDC EDC Foundations and Endowment Funds
  • Turn you consumable spending into an income stream that pays you for life.
  • Crowd Funding What's it all about?  Does it really work?  Can You Really Raise Millions Thru the Internet?
  • Much More Economic Empowerment Information Based on Biblical Principals...

Cooperative Education asserts that People working together form a Brain Trust. TELECONFERENCE NUMBER
857.232.0158  CODE   884804
Financial Freedom Friday Nights 8 - 9

Knight-Life Entertainment is launching a great site.

You and your fans plus other artists and their fans
can use this opportunity to market to each others audiences and contacts.
Become a Member of a network.  Upload your music, pictures, and bio for approval to be on the site.
Market your music as the website markets the site.  You get paid for helping each other out marketing music.
Support the idea and each others work. You share sales with whomever brings in the customer.
Knight-Life Entertainment receives 10%.


Interested in going back to school?

Here are two options that may help you to become the well rounded educator that can apply for numerous positions in your field of choice. Charter College in Long Beach has a variety of programs that center around your specific need for growth in various areas. Word of GOD International University WGIU intensifies your belief in GOD and yourself, helping you to stimulate your own growth centers building a curriculum to expand upon your own ideas of what it is you think you want to become in order to help others as you help yourself.      CALL (877) 955-3264 CALL (323) 735-4448 (73-LIGHT)
Ask about open enrollment.

BOTH Colleges have G.E.D. Programs.    


   10 Ways Any One Can Graduate From College DEBT-FREE

PARENTS!  Investigate to see how your students can get into Early College High Schools which will allow your children to take college courses along with their high school courses in order to be able to graduate high school with a diploma and also hold an associates degree.  Think of the savings on the high bills racked up for college education.  Think of the higher level of responsibility and maturity that your child will have gained as they get to see the big world while still living under your roof as you bring your child home every day.

SHELTERS are Available.  Get inside for the winter.

CALL 311
for the City of Los Angeles Winterization Program
SHELTERS Already Operating 2nd A.M.E. Church on Hoover,  
Shaladay Church,  and Bethel A.M.E. Church BOTH on Western 
within a few blocks of each other by Gwen's Double Dip Ice Cream.
Come worship with us!  Join us Sunday mornings for our 7:45 a.m. or 10:45 a.m. worship celebrations

(323) 753-2451

2nd A.M.E. Church

Church Building located 
5501-5515 S Hoover St, Los Angeles, CA 90037

Call George 323-599-2259: Large four bedroom house renting beds for $500.00 utilities included no deposits men only Share kitchen, bath rooms, living room, laundry room, dining room, stove, and refrigerator


Llame al 323-599-2259 Jorge: Camas en alquiler 4 Recamaras grandes en casa de alquiler camas por solo $500.00 sin depósito
y con servicios básicos incluidos (Compartiendo Cocina, sala, Baños y Lavandería). "Hombres Solamente"
Información en ingles solamente.

Call Ms. Evans at Africa House 323.233.1716 or 323.233.0917
Beds are available for $500. references needed, guaranteed income, and what you choose to bring to the house to help improve the community.


Honorable Mayor Eric Garcetti
at opening of
Mayor's South Los Angeles Office
at the
Constituent Center
8425 South Vermont Avenue 
in Los Angeles, California

Photo by Revell Tweedle
Mayor Garcetti met with lots of citizens and made numerous promises.  He also expects to be able to go to neighborhoods knocking at the homes of people to ask for their input as to how city services and the city as a whole can be improved.  Mayor Garcetti grew up in the neighborhood of the Constituent Center.  Many neighborhood leaders were in attendance.

SEE More on Updates Page
Expanding Your Mind
Was A GREAT Festival of Hope

Figueroa & King  at the McDonald's  Shell Gas Station and The Community Financial Resource Center funded by Voices of 90037 Neighborhood Council which includes part of zip 90044

Three more events planned in this series.

The men gathered discussing business start ups, and urban renewal, and jobs in the area.  There were discussions of proposed housing, and healthcare services were available.


Queenii, Revell Tweedle, Loretta Anderson, Henry Foxman, DaVonte Merritt, Gordon Hayden. Donnell Peak, Zuri, Barry Cooper sang the National Anthem Star Spangled Banner, a proud moment for all.

Chaplain & Photography Mentor Revell M. Tweedle & Chaplain Ruth Summers Tweedle


Wedding Pictures

Star Pages

SPARKS Gospel Night

GOD Bless in JESUS’ Name.
Following the money? 

GOD Bless in JESUS' Name.  You can be the Blessing for Someone in greater need.

Do you have a dollar that you don't have anything better to use it for?

We do weekly food giveaways

at SOAR Garage 60th Place and Normandie Ave.

Look for the Mural of a Seascape.

Los Angeles, CA 90047.

12:30 PM to 2:00PM

No hassle.  Pack your own bag.  Empty Bags provided.

Call PH 310.514.6691 for info or to meet with us.
C.L.I.F.F. Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation

S.O.A.R. Seeking Other Alternative Resources
Phone 323.606.3423
6054 S. Normandie Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90044
Administrators Chaplain Ruth C. Summers Tweedle, M.A.
Dr. Jessie C. Barbour
Catherine R. Davila Licensed Realtor
Chaplain Revell Tweedle, M.A. Div.

If so, make a contribution to CLIFF Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation.

CLIFF works with youth, returning service members, veterans, chronically unemployed, under employed, homeless people, marginally housed people, and people who desire all kinds of help and service referrals.

CLIFF Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation believes that Cultural Literacy is the foundation for most law.  One form of Cultural Literacy is Biblical Cultural Literacy.
Consider this: Thou shalt not kill works for everybody's better good. There are 42 Kemet Laws that have some great Cultural Literacy. Let's write letters to open a dialogue so that youth and others can be exposed to the good ideas that form Cultural Literacy. 
We don't need to keep saying, "This never happens in our neighborhood."
Some people make bad decisions everywhere.  Let's train our youth and adults to live better life styles.

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