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  Rap to Tap Performance CampTM -   Reading, Speech, Acting, Dance, Movement, Music Vocal & Instrumental, Self Esteem, Self Respect, Mutual Respect, Love, Discipline, Working Together,...  


 Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation CLIFF  lead by Rev. Ruth Summers Tweedle participates in many fun activities throughout the year, from feeding Homeless People Throughout the year on a weekly groceries delivery schedule and prepared meals, toys and clothing giveaways on holidays... 


Building Self Confidence



In 1994, to quote Principal Mrs. Arthur Brown of Frost Elementary School in Houston Independent School District HISD,  "These children are reading!  We gave you our special needs children because we figured they wouldn't learn anything in Drama, but at least they wouldn't be disappointed."  It was heralded at the school and at The Community Music Center of Houston, Inc.  The 5th and 6th graders at Frost started out reading on 2nd and 3rd Grade Level raising reading challenges as much as eight grade levels in a space of six weeks working with me and my Rap to Tap Staff. 

Reading & Public Speaking


 Rap to Tap can be utilized by persons who speak English as a Second Language who have heavy dialects to dispel some of the dialect and bring person to a more neutral or more importantly understandable dialect utilizing the book Speech for Understanding written by, Ruth Summers Burgess Payne.  Older students who can recognize the alphabet and read on at least a second grade level can in a matter of weeks begin to read on a 11th or 12th grade level. 




Carefully selected and trained professionals help create a much better environment and broader experience within which to educate  and cultivate youth through the arts.  We believe in the ability of people to start and continue, to complete project goals.

Rap to Tap builds character, encourages self esteem, develops self awareness, confidence, maturation, and mutual respect educating in and through the arts.

 Rap to Tap has been successful in the former Texas Rehabilitation and Retardation Associates youth programming. While a delicious advantage of Rap to Tap Performance Camp is Reading Remediation resulting in improved reading for all participants, behavior conforms for the good of the project, the group, and the individual.   

Behind The Camera



Another plus of Rap to Tap Performance Camp is youth can participate in youth vocal ensembles and other touring components.  Not only do youth learn to improve themselves, their work is made fun and more rewarding by participation in regional events, TV, and when possible in some instances with pay.  They get a little cocky with it.  I'll never forget one of the 10 year olds asking me one night at the Community Center, "You mean we're going to perform for this small audience?"  He had been singing before large audiences for several months and couldn't immediately fathom the idea of performing for 20 people.  Of course we did perform for those 20 people too. 





Marla Gibbs and Queenii pictured

Program Director

Chaplain Ruth Summers Tweedle formerly Ruth Summers Burgess Payne a.k.a. Queenii had great success working with Communities in Schools-Houston, Chapter 1, Summer Enrichment Program 1994 under the auspices of the Community Music Center of Houston taking place at Frost Elementary School HISD.  While she had worked out various aspects of these disciplines in other programs e.g.  Turner Community School Meacham Park, Missouri Lovejoy School in Lovejoy (Brooklyn), Illinois, SOAR Seeking Other Alternative Resources Los Angeles, and "Queenii" Ruth Summers Burgess Payne has gone on to do camps in many other places public and private settings.

"Queenii" Ruth Summers Burgess Payne taught Drama in Model Programs at Houston Community College with differently- abled youth and adults who are seeking and offered the college experience plus vocational training.  The program at that time was headed by Dr. Dennis Heller and Queenii reported to Sue Moraska, M.A. Ed.



Let's Help  Build Self Esteem Raise Score and  Stop Crime

Children should not be saying, "I didn't have anything else to do."

We can engage them in fun, educational, character building activities.

 Rap to Tap Performance CampsTM  can be life changing, taking about four weeks in four-hour a day four days a week sessions to bring youth up to grade level 10 or above in reading and comprehension the additional time to create for the student the awareness bringing about self-confidence.


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