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 Dr. R. Marie Fegan        Los Angeles Main Campus Word of God International University          Loving to Learn Holistic Wellness Center
  Photo by Revell Tweedle                  Photo by Revell Tweedle                                                                                                                                 Photo by Revell Tweedle


A Tradition of Schools in One Family Has Grown Into A Dynasty. 


Registered Nurse Ruby Marie Fegan began a chain of Marie Fegan Schools in Los Angeles, California in 1970 dealing with the needs of families for early childhood and primary school education. Years later her son Dr. Joshua Augustus Smith who did work with Ms. Fegan has begun Word of God International University successfully having graduated four classes.


Calvary Baptist Church in Ladera Heights created the setting for a lavish function in late August.  The Word of God International University WGIU of Los Angeles Banquet was held there on a beautiful carefree Friday evening with the commencement exercises following Saturday, August 29, 2015.  The Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church is Virgil Jones.


 Pala Strevell & Denice Turner  Mello Rachel Desire
 Photo by Revell Tweedle                                                          Photo by Revell Tweedle

People were in attendance from around the country.  Among the people in attendance was Dr. Zyra McCloud, Dr. Aldryth Roach, George Hooks, Mello Desire, Dr. Peggy Martin, Denice Turner, Dr. Loretta Gaines, Bishop Dr. Laurella Meyer, and Bishop Dr. Ken Meyer, Dean Golden, and many more Soldiers In the Army of The Lord.


The Banquet  Key Note Speaker Dr. Leo Lawson is a 30-year veteran of campus missionary service having begun churches in college campuses in many states across the country. While Dr. Lawon has worked abroad creating campus ministries his work in the United States attests to the fact that missionary work is not just for the foreign fields as they began this work in England.  The first mission in the United States was at the University of Houston, begun in 1994.


Music selections were rendered by Psalmist Jennifer Johnson, Psalmist Valerie Lewis, and Elder Wayne McCoo, with a Tribute to Dr. Terrence Stone by Dr. George Hooks. 


The cuisine was a generous serving of Garden Salad, Roasted Game Hen, with savory green beans and fried rice, topped off by a luscious fruity graduation cake.


The Word of God International University is pleased to announce its fourth graduating class including degrees in various disciplines.  Receiving an Associate in Theology Degree was Lea Lawrence, Bachelor in Theology was Darral Frank, and a Bachelor in Divinity was received by Ernestine Carlyle. Master in Theology was received by Michael Strevel and the Master in Divinity was received by Ruth Summers Tweedle, Cedric Holloman, Revell Tweedle, Valerie Sanders Lewis, Rosa Medina, Keith Shields, Elaine Nalls, Caroline Taylor, Lourdes Wesby, Wanda Purnell Aiken, and Mello Rachel Desire. The Doctorate in Divinity was received by R. Marie Feagan and by Charles Daniel and the Doctorate in Philosophy was received by Kathleen Berry. The Doctorate in Ministry was received by Wolfgang Kovacek, Webster Moreland, Kendra Okonkwo, Ike Okonkwo, Gustavo Vieyra, Theodis Gamet, Shirley Moore, and Howard Scott. The Doctorate Degree in Theology was received by Espanola Louie, Gladys Snell-Williamson-Fortner, and Terrence Stone. 


Photo by Mavis Oliver

Pictured Left to Right
Uwanda Purnell Aiken, Rosa Medina, Charles Daniel, Wolfgang Kovacek, Revell Tweedle
Caroline Taylor, Kendra Okonkwo, Lourdes Wesby, Ruth Summers Tweedle, Darral Frank, Cedric Holloman,
Valarie Lewis, Keith Shields, Ernestine Carlyle, Dr. Michael Strevel,

Lea Lawrence, Mello Desire,
Elaine Nalls, Kathleen Berry, Dr. Gladys Fortner, Ike Okonkwo, Dr. Espanola Louie








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We Have History

Queenii, Revell Tweedle, Loretta Anderson, Henry Foxman, DaVonte Merritt, Donnell Peak, Zuri, Barry Cooper sang the National Anthem Star Spangled Banner.  Ensemble from SOAR Seeking Other Alternative Resources UP Choir and Special Guests from the  

The show headlined Maxi Priest, Kymani-Marley, Lloyd Brown, Big Mountain, Laupapepa Letuli and El Jai.
Maxi Priest one of the headliners of this star packed show is best known for singing reggae music with an R&B influence, otherwise known as reggae fusion, and became one of the first international successes who regularly dabbled in the genre and one of the most successful reggae fusion acts of all-time. By the early to mid 90..s, Maxi was critically acclaimed for his skills in balancing hard-core reggae vibes with more mainstream pop sensibilities and that approach added to his growing popularity as both a recording and touring artist. In 1996, Maxi released the hit CD Man With The Fun, which contained the crossover single "That Girl," a duet with Shaggy. "That Girl" became a Grammy Nominated track and the accompanying Hype Williams-directed video became and MTV staple. In 1987, Maxi left for Jamaica in the company of keyboard wizard Duncan Bridgeman and Mafia & Fluxy, who are the UK's very own rhythm kings. It was in Kingston, Jamaica that he recorded his third album "Maxi," produced by Sly & Robbie in collaboration with Willie Lindo. This masterful collection yielded the hits "Some Guys Have All The Luck," "How Can We Ease The Pain," shared with Beres Hammond, and an enchanting cover of Cat Stevens" "Wild World" which went Top 5 in Britain, Top 10 in the US and also entered the country and western charts! Soon, Further international acclaim came with his 1990 album "Bonafide," which spawned the hits "Just A Little Bit Longer," "Best Of Me," "Human Work Of Art," "Peace Throughout The World," "Sure Fire Love" and "Close To You." The latter reached No. 7 in the UK, and then topped the US Billboard charts in October 1990. More than twenty years later and Maxi Priest is still the only reggae singer from anywhere, including Jamaica to have a No. 1 hit in America.  


Call PH 310.216.8111 for info or to meet with us.

                                                                             Photo by Revell Tweedle
Lexi Moeller in Derrick Simmons Movie

As the Sun goes down making a reflective gleam off her golden earrings and flaxen hair Lexi Moeller a native Texan smiles a warm smile in the cool evening breeze at Manhattan Beach.  She is friendly and cautious, a rare combination of charm without conceit. Lexi is downright nice. Her star quality jumps out as she makes her way through the people on the bike path, smiling laughing and walking over taking pictures with a good friend.  She has the pendulum action as if working a runway looking at people on each side as she walks by, well groomed, cute little shorts, two inch heels. 

Her role in the Derrick Simmons Movie, "Nobody's Perfect," with 
Derrick Simmons, Don Wallace, and Rick Aiello, a thriller about the awkward success of a young woman who meets the highly successful man and becomes the tortured trophy wife is premiering and creating buzz. This movie will become a must see for lessons in the art of social climbing and choosing the right person for the right reasons and great outcome.

A Parking Lot Never Looked so Beautiful
ʻanapali Shores on the Island of Maui County Hawaii
Photo by Revell Tweedle 
SEE Wedding Photos Below.

  Project Purpose is a trio of creative singers, songwriting-composers and producers out of Los Angeles moving in their calling by God. Their mission is to edify and encourage the hurt, sick, weak, and even the strong. With an aim to exemplify the love of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, while building His kingdom through music and song. 
 Project Purpose was the prime-time performance at the STAPLES CENTER for the Los Angeles Sparks 2013 “Gospel Night” which also included Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell performing the National Anthem and half-time show and J Moss with the post game concert.
 The trio recently was the inspirational concert at Understanding Principals for Better Living where the R. Della Reese-Lett is the senior pastor. They have completed their debut album titled; JUSTIFIED and released it to fans on June 25, 2013. The bold and powerful track "Justified" is an illustration of how God has placed a call & purpose on their lives in the music industry today. Project Purpose has a unique and innovative contemporary gospel sound combining jazz, pop and R&B.
  With the album being collaboratively produced, written and arranged by the members of Project Purpose, music lovers will get a first hand chance to witness the God given talent & creativity of this dynamic trio.

The Manager Mike Murphy of Project Purpose can be reached at 562-277-5545.

Bill Duke is at it again
Dark Girls
The Documentary

Standing in Planet Fitness as a young African American Man playfully orders an energy drink he says to the African American Lady behind the counter, "I want the light skinned one."  She looks at me and glares, then looks back at him and explains that the vanilla flavor is not in stock then gives him his next choice.  When does it stop?  This young man is barely 20 years of age.  

An argument ensues at another place of business as it is explained to a gentleman that the Black Ink for his printer is more costly.  "Are you telling me that the Black one costs more.  I can't believe that."  The reply is, "You always think everything is better than Black." The argument continues.

Outside a meeting the comment is made, "While we are so hung up on straightness of hair and skin color, why don't we try to be white by following the rules they are using to get paid righteously?  

Bill Duke's timely piece works with a secret that is not so much so unheard as it is taboo to speak about publicly. Among Blacks and Whites alike, the blue eyes or flaxen hair are often considered to be the best.  A young lady cried speaking to her fiance, "Why is Gentile always better?"  This was in 1983, an argument between a Jewish young woman and a White man.  He asks a Black Woman, "What is she talking about, Gentile?  The blond blue eyed enigma is explained to him.

And now Bill Duke brings it onto the film screen.  Yes it continues to be a timely piece.  So many comments were made in reference to the electing of an African American President of the United States.  Many more were whispered about a darker skinned African American First Lady.

From Cleopatra to Nina Simone it is hard for Hollywood to cast African American Women in roles of being sexy and beautiful.  Madison Avenue presents more African American Women in commercials: however, 5th Avenue has a problem with African American Fashion Models.

Can You Believe it?  We are still questioning the right of the African Woman to exist.  
The studies looping her DNA back farther than any human on earth and being the mother of us all must have fallen upon the ears of embarrassed males that felt, as was said by an NFL Player in the 1980's who will remain nameless, "A Black Woman can't do anything for me." That same player was released from the team that week and put on waivers.  You see the quarterback was Black, had a Black wife and many other Black women at the dinner were quite highly insulted.  Homeboy had to go! That was it and that was all.

Oprah is a supporter of this Bill Duke film and it was shown on OWN.  Oprah has done her own take on the subject having spoken at colleges.  Oprah's title for the subject is "The Vanilla Wafers and the Chocolate Puddings.


Ever Increasing Faith Ministries . Crenshaw Christian Center
7901 S. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90044
Pastor Frederick K. Price Jr.

Word of GOD International University
3650 S. Western Los Angeles, CA 90018
Chancellor Dr. Joshua Smith Pastor Dr. Wayland Jackson

Faithful Central Bible Church
Parking Garage 333 W. Florence Inglewood, CA 90301 
Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer

1PM Sundays Worship Service of Understanding Principles for Better Living UP Church 
600 W. Queen St. cross street Oak off Manchester Blvd. Inglewood, CA 90301
Pastor Rev. Sheri James Founder Dr. Della Reese Patricia Early Lett

Chaka Khan a legend in American Music is being honored with the naming of a street in her honor in Chicago.  Chaka Khan has always been the down to earth girl, then woman.  From as far back and even before the days of the Cool Jazz Festivals through to now when she occasionally comes out to places such as the Jackie Robinson American Legion Post in Los Angeles.

Always friendly and giving autographs.  We congratulate Ms. Chaka Khan.

Honoring "The Empress" Ms. Geraldine West

Geraldine West was a star from the time when Hollywood was a place where people were discovered in restaurants and other such places.  She was an actress and a singer.  She told interesting stories of her time in the movies.

She was discovered by Mrs. Florence Brawley Music Teacher at 29th Street Elementary School. She sang with a local 7th Day Adventist Church, and weekly on radio with "The Burrell Family Washboard Band." Ms. West was the first Black and the first paid soloist with thee choir of the Founder's Church of Religious Science.  She was a member for 28 years..

Even in her 90's she still sang brilliantly on solos at UP Church.  The Empress loved her church and provided a prize for the person or persons who brought the most visitors on first Sundays.

In visiting at her home she was involved in church activities Always the smart sharp dresser she wore cute little wigs that perfectly framed her beautiful face. She let her shoulder length hair down at home and talked more. This sophisticated lady was definitely a fun person the closer you came to her.  Came is the best word because she never really pushed anyone away.  She was a fun person.  However there was on regret that she stated.  The Empress said, "I wish I had not let my legs go."  By then she was using her walker. However, anywhere you saw her she was always a forthright, stand up kind of person who expressed her ideas and worked them.  GOD Bless the Empress forever and ever.

Michael Clarke Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan helped community organizations such as the Cameron Eugene Jackson Children’s Library which is lead by Librarian Maxine Jackson which was housed at S.O.A.R. Seeking Other Alternative Resources Inc.  where you will allso find Nuestro Museo/Our Museum Curator Valerie Barbour, Kid’s Minding Their Own Business directed by Dr. Jessie Barbour and Rap to Tap Performance Camp a programming with CLIFF Cultural Literal Intelligence Foundation Director Rev. Ruth C. Summers Tweedle.

Mr. Duncan came to events given by the Cameron Eugene Jackson Children’s Library giving support and speaking with youth and adults about the Hollywood experience and learning how to achieve your best.  He gave much credit to his mother for her guidance in his life and career, though she had no experience with the entertainment industry.  She applied reasoning that helped him greatly in his career  This is what Cultural Literacy is about, teaching your children how to act and respond in society.  Experiences should translate and align so that persons can matriculate and work in any environment. 

Duncan was nominated for and Oscar for his most famous role which was in The Green Mile. GOD Bless his soul. 


Mrs. Carter is looking great and doing good.  This previously bright eyed Catholic School student says in her warm Southern drawl, "God bless ya'll."  Looking at her performances, it seems all that practice dropping to her knees to pray is still paying off.
Sister Cristina Scuccia, who won Italy's version of The Voice
attests  regarding her cover of Like A Virgin by Madonna,
true interpretation brings out purity in the words.

Standing in front of Beyoncé's childhood home on MacGregor Way in Houston one realizes that she came from some strong roots.

Beyoncé did not forget her roots as was evidenced by giving millions to help with homelessness in Houston. The problem of homelessness in the fourth largest U.S. City is minimal when compared with the problems of homelessness in Los Angeles which is the second largest U.S. City.

Beyoncé also remembered her roots by her hiring the Scott Joplin Orchestra
under the direction of Anne Lundy of the Community Music Center of Houston CMCH when she sang at the Super Bowl in Houston.  CMCH was the rehearsal space of Girls Tyme when Beyoncé was a child.  See pictures below.

Parenting 101 to Stardom

Below Photos and Story By Queenii Ruth Summers Burgess Payne


The statement is made over and over that babies don’t come with a manual.  Some parents catch on quicker than others in some areas.  Beyonce's parents, Matthew & Tina Knowles figured it out.

Much like the parents of many other successful persons, the Knowles placed a high priority on a particular direction that Beyonce’ chose to go in and gave her guidance and support to move forward.

The plan was impeccable.   Matthew worked in Corporate America Xerox until the demands of the children’s careers took over his time.  Tina owned a successful Hair Salon.  While developing Beyonce's career, Beyonce's parents stayed respectful of the family unit and caring about the children’s lives and futures.

These parents devotion to the task of parenting did not stop at turning their child into a multimillion dollar investment.  These parents spent real time with their in play and in preparing them to be Godly.  When Beyonce’ was nine they also began to home school the children.

Matthew Knowles approached the children’s careers with the crisp, intense professionalism that he could approach any job in Corporate America.  I remember asking Ron Scales, then Managing Director of the Community Music Center, why Matthew left his job.  Ron answered, “These kids are about to blow up.  Boot that job!”  

Below are pictures of Matthew Knowles seated on edge of stage at the Community Music Center of Houston working with the children.     

Prompted by Beyonce’s desire to be a singer, her parents devised a plan of guidance, Music Center of Houston Inc. is where they often rehearsed.  Matthew was firm in rehearsals but I never heard him speak brutally to the children.  These were shy, sweet little girls.

Ron Scales asked me (Queenii) during one of their rehearsals at the Community Music Center to show the Children some dance moves.  I had worked in the Katherine Dunham Troupe as a teen learning Primitive Rhythm and I began to show the children movements and body mechanics from that discipline.  Beyonce’s eyes were so wide open as she tried the moves.  Her long hair twisted in braids fell past her shoulders as she bounced with energy that excited children muster.  I remember my birth Catherine and my love daughter Maggie saying it to be so funny that I was teaching the children Prymitive Rhythm, but that was what I knew best. Even movements like twerking were taught in Primitive Rhythm Classes by the great Katheine Dunham, it just wasn't called twerking.

The children Girls Tyme entered Star Search.  It has not all been easy.  Star Search was a disappointment for the young singers and soon three dropped by the wayside.  The remaining two found two more.  There were conflicts with other parents about granting Matthew guardianship of all the children, which actually made sense to grant because he was the one on the road with the children.  What if someone needed to be hospitalized?  They got beyond this conflict.

When we knew anything we were looking at pictures of the children with the new name Destiny's Child larger than life on the back of a Houston city bus.  Personnel changed one more time.  Success did not come without trials.

In all of this ascension into the big world of stardom, Beyonce' is still a sweet person and can bring back the wide-eyed expression.  It’s adorable.  Beyonce' still says “Ya’II” and openly professes her belief in GOD.

What more could parents want than to have a child that is satisfied in that child’s field of choice?  Well there is Beyonce’s sister Solange married and a mom.

Solange, Beyonce's sister, is another young beauty.  While waiting to begin her singing career, she actually started dancing on tour, and was a backup singer before she began her solo career.  While Matthew Knowles is working with others in the entertainment company,  Tina Knowles is working with Beyonce' creating there retro line of clothing House of Dereon for “Fashion Forward People:”  Great shoes, ready to wear  movie like wardrobing, with peplums, ruffles the tailored effect of inset  pieces, darts, and form fitting denims, jeans with waistlines that eliminate the muffin top or squashed buttocks, not to mention those great zippers and other effects!  Tina has been the designer for the vocal group from the beginning.  This is a natural transition for the duo.

While the line has “A young feel” geared towards women up to 28 years, it can be worn by others.  Curvy full figure women need not fade away if worn in the right size.  The line is dedicated to Tina’s mother the late seamstress/designer Agnes Dereon.

I saw on a computer at Modus Operandi Agency in Houston, “The trouble with being poor is that it takes up all of your time.”  However, the wealthiest of people can be conflicted on what to do with one’s time.  To our pleasure, all around performer Beyonce' has made the time to do Austin Powers in Goldmember starring: Mike Myers, Beyonce' Knowles, Britney Spears, Michael Caine, Seth Green directed by Jay Roach, The Fighting Temptations starring: Beyonce' Knowles, Cuba Gooding Jr, Faith Evans, Mike Epps, Steve Harvey directed by Jonathan Lynn, Fade To Black starring: Beyonce' Knowles, Jay-Z, Mary J Blige, Missy Elliott, R Kelly directed by Michael John Warren and Patrick Paulson The Pink Panther starring: Beyonce' Knowles, Jean Reno, Kevin Kline, Steve Martin, Emily Mortimer  directed by Shawn Levy, to Dream Girls starring: Beyonce' Knowles, Danny Glover, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson directed by Bill Condon, Cadillac West starring: Adrien Brody, Beyonce' Knowles, Cedric the Entertainer, Mos Def, Jeffrey Wright directed by Darnell Martin, Obsessed starring: Ali Larter, Beyonce' Knowles, Scout Taylor Compton, Christine Lahti, Idris Elba, directed by Steve Shill. 

Parents when you have your children the ball is in your hand initially.  As you teach them ball handling skills you can let the ball roll into the street in traffic with the result of being hit by a truck, play ball with the professionals, create a ball camp, create a ball team, or create a ball league.

Get your fabulous body together and strive for youthful greater health.

Rev. Ruth Summers Tweedle-Ministries Variety Media

Chaplain Ruth Summers Tweedle Host & Chaplain Revell Tweedle Host Photo Mentor 
Catherine Davila - Real Estate Agent Manager Resource Person
Fun & Money News
Former Hosts Food For Life Radio Show 1460 AM KTYM

The Wedding Week in Maui

From beaches to banquets a great time was had by one and all.  Among the guests and family pictured are Gerardo Davila III, Jasmine Ruth Davila, Catherine Ruth Davila, Dr. Philistine Tweedle, Dr. Joshua Smith who performed the ceremony, Evangelist Sherilyn Smith, Guitarist and Vocalist Michael Rain and Mrs. Kathy Rain, and Mr. Franklin.

The ceremony was in the Gazebo at Kaʻanapali Shores Hotel, in Maui, Hawaii surrounded by the beautiful plants of the rain forests of Hawaii. Evangelist Sherilyn Smith sang a beautiful love song for the couple and the Bride Ruth a.k.a. Queenii sang the song Because to the Groom.  A wonderful Wedding Breakfast was at Kaʻanapali Beach Club with the buffet and of course Chef Paul created made to order dishes.

The Royal Lahaina Luau did not disappoint from hula lessons, to the enactment of the traditions of all the surrounding islands, with fire dancing.  The evening was great for all in attendance.  GOD Bless the Happy Couple and everyone they meet and come in contact with forever. ALo-oooooo-Ha!!!!!


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