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Radical Reading Through Rap to Tap Performance Camp

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Administrators Chaplain Ruth C. Summers Tweedle, M.A.
Dr. Jessie C. Barbour
Catherine R. Davila Licensed Realtor
Chaplain Revell Tweedle, M.A. Div.

Raise Reading Levels Radically through the Arts in a Short Period of Time

 Goals Statement 

Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation CLIFF Rev. Ruth Summers Tweedle Chaplain Revell Tweedle Ministries in collaboration with S.O.A.R. Seeking Other Alternative Resources Dr. Jessie C. Barbour Center Director - participates in many fun activities throughout the year which also give us something to talk about in the magazine.  
SBPM has provided many services throughout the years.

Rap to Tap Performance Camp -
Reading, Speech, Acting, Dance, Movement, Music Vocal & Instrumental, Self Esteem, Self Respect, Mutual Respect, Love, Discipline, Working Together,...



Carefully selected and trained professionals help create a much better environment and broader experience within which to educate  and cultivate youth through the arts.  We believe in the ability of people to start and continue

Rap to Tap builds character, encourages self esteem, develops self awareness, confidence, maturation, and mutual respect educating in and through the arts.

In 1994, to quote Principal Mrs. Arthur Brown of Frost Elementary School in Houston Independent School District HISD,  "These children are reading!  We gave you our special needs children because we figured they wouldn't learn anything in Drama, but at least they wouldn't be disappointed."  It was heralded at the school and at The Community Music Center of Houston, Inc.  The 5th and 6th graders at Frost started out reading on 2nd and 3rd Grade Level raising reading challenges as much as eight grade levels in a space of six weeks working with me and my Rap to Tap Staff. 

Ruth Summers Burgess Payne a.k.a. Queenii had great success working with Communities in Schools-Houston, Chapter 1, Summer Enrichment Program 1994 under the auspices of the Community Music Center of Houston taking place at Frost Elementary School HISD.  While she had worked out various aspects of these disciplines in other programs e.g.  Turner Community School Meacham Park, Missouri Lovejoy School in Lovejoy (Brooklyn), Illinois, SOAR Seeking Other Alternative Resources Los Angeles, and "Queenii" Ruth Summers Burgess Payne has gone on to do camps in many other places public and private settings.

"Queenii" Ruth Summers Burgess Payne taught Drama in Model Programs at Houston Community College working with differently abled youth and adults who are seeking and offered the college experience plus vocational training. The program at that time was headed bt Dr. Dennis Heller and Queenii reported to Sue Moraska, M.A. Ed.

Rap to Tap has been successful in the former Texas Rehabilitation and Retardation Associates youth programming. While a delicious advantage of Rap to Tap Performance Camp is Reading Remediation resulting in improved reading for all participants, behavior conforms for the good of the project, the group, and the individual.

Rap to Tap can be utilized by persons who speak English as a Second Language who have heavy dialects to dispel some of the dialect and bring person to a more neutral or more importantly understandable dialect utilizing the book Speech for Understanding written by, Ruth Summers Burgess Payne.  Older students who can recognize the alphabet and read on at least a second grade level can in a matter of weeks begin to read on a 11th or 12th grade level. 

Another plus of Rap to Tap Performance Camp is youth can participate in youth vocal ensembles and other touring components.  Not only do youth learn to improve themselves, their work is made fun and more rewarding by participation in regional events, TV, and when possible in some instances with pay.  They get a little cocky with it.  I'll never forget one of the 10 year olds asking me one night at the Community Center, "You mean we're going to perform for this small audience?"  He had been singing before large audiences for several months and couldn't immediately fathom the idea of performing for 20 people.  Of course we did perform for those 20 people too. 

S.O.A.R. Seeking Other Alternative Resources Center Director Jessie C. Barbour's favorite program is Kids Minding Their Own Business.  While program such as the Camera in Front Of and Behind the Camera, Chess Classes and Tournaments and Youth and Old Timers Basketball, plus Tennis Programs, Spiritual Connectivity, Parenting teach youth as part of their MWR morale welfare and recreation; Kids Minding Their Own Business reaches youth on a gut level of personal and sometimes family survival helping them to develop strategies for funding business or funding higher education.  One of our newer programs will teach youth and their families how to access buying tax lien property sales.


“If I have to take out a loan, I’m dropping out.” This is the statement Kevin Y. Brown made to his dormitory hall director not even two weeks into his first semester of college. By using the strategies in 10 Ways Anyone Can Graduate From College DEBT-FREE Kevin achieved what many believe to be impossible: A DEBT-FREE college education and freedom after college. 
A comprehensive guide to post-college freedom. 10 Ways Anyone Can Graduate From College DEBT-FREE provides readers with proven strategies based on the author’s personal college experience. 
In full detail 10 Ways Anyone Can Graduate From College DEBT-FREE provides:
• An understanding of the various types of financial aid.
• Consequences of defaulting on student loans.
• Up-to-date data on life-time earnings vs. education levels. 
• Up-to-date data on and the state of the student loan debt crisis.
• A list of over 100 scholarships valued at over $10 million dollars. 
10 Ways Anyone Can Graduate From College DEBT-FREE shows readers that a DEBT-FREE college education is possible no matter their challenges.
Kevin Y. Brown’s CHALLENGES when entering college
• Ward of the State of California, (California foster care system 17 years)
• A product of one of the worst neighborhoods in northern California: The Country Club Crest Vallejo, CA
• 740 SAT score
• Zero to minimal financial support from family/friends
• The first in his biological and immediate foster care family to go to a four-year college/university
• The first in his biological and immediate foster care family to leave the state of California for college
• Expected to be kicked out of college his first week by mentors and foster parents
• Zero knowledge of the college financing system
• 5-year collegiate education
• Double major: Fashion Design/Merchandising
and Business Supply Chain Management
• Semester Abroad in London, England
• Graduated with 178 credit hours
• Maintained extra spending money
• Financially able to travel and enjoy Spring Break every year
• Financially able to travel back and forth to California and other states for holiday and summer breaks
• Played for Clark Atlanta University Men’s Basketball team
Looking at the challenges Kevin was faced with, if he can graduate college debt-free, then you can too!

Let's Help Stop Crime

SBPM wants to do Rap to Tap Performance CampsTM in the Division of Juvenile Justice (California Youth Authority) and California Department of  Corrections and Rehabilitation.  Staffing Rap to Tap Performance Camp is about $48,500 per month for students 75, taking about four weeks in four-hour a day four days a week sessions to bring youth up to grade level 10 or above in reading and comprehension the additional time to create for the student the awareness bringing about self-confidence.


  •  Everybody has one:  a beautiful face and a story to tell.  May as well use it to make money.

  • Make Yourself Famous

  • for what You Think is Important about You.

Photo fundraisers can tell your story!
Call C.L.I.F.F. Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation PH 310.514.6691 for info or to meet with us.

Los Angeles County is the most populace county in the United States.
It is stated that 85% of persons in the criminal 
justice system are poor readers.  

We also 
have a Public Works p
lan to relieve the unemployment in Los Angeles County by 15%. 
This would be employing approximately 80,000 people.  
The price tag for this project is $3.8 billion over five years.
Ending homelessness in Los Angeles county may take as much as 4.5 billion or  100,000, donations of $45,000. or a million donation of $4,500. or  ten million @ $450. or 100 million donations of $45. or a billion donations of $4.50.  We Have This.

In Houston, Texas which has a homelessness problem of 2,500 persons identified homeless as opposed to tens of thousands in some areas of the country there are services that we would like to emulate in order to help with joblessness in Los Angeles.

It is our hope, dream, and goal  that this program will be brought into the prison system as there is a high percentage of persons who do not read, well, the figure of 85%, has been bandied about in prison, while oddly enough these persons are put on jobs creating products that they cannot be rehabilitated into on the outside because of their record.  That's where we started from.  We can provide jobs in America.  We can understand that homelessness and hunger are not one and the same.  We throw food  and limited numbers of vouchers for hotel stays at individual and even families on the street, without coming up with a decision on the way to end homelessness.  Nobody ever picks up a Bible to the part about all things common in Acts when telling "The Homeless" to pick themselves up by their boot straps.

Our Ministries have spoken with many businesses slated to pay taxes this year or in the further out projections. The concept is to work in a collaboration to fund a much needed project and without  biases of any kind hire people who need to work. The project has been selected. 

This is
a partnership between business and philanthropy.  Businesses that want to participate contact 310-514-6691 and help create this jobs program or click here: Great Gifts Treasure Hunt. Many people work on machinery in prison but cannot get a job in the types of industries that they are trained/rehabilitated in because of having a record.  Our Ministries want everyone to have a great life. 

"No man
is free until all men are free."  Thus the battle between the haves and have-nots.  Some live in a prison of their own riches being unable to go an explore the world because of the fears of other people and separation caused by classicism.

While according to the Inglewood School District in Inglewood, California is the largest business in town: When going online to research the people and industries that make more than a billion dollars annually
, one can see numerous types of industries and some companies that are making much more than the federal government gives to Los Angeles County for our current budget.  The Final Adopted Budget of Los Angeles County came in at $24.245 Billion for 2010-11. The federal government funds 22% of the County and state assistance is also 22%.   Property taxes come in at 19% with a category called other weighing in at 37%.  Other would be tickets and fees,  charges for licensings, etc.  We can always ask for government help and expect to get some, however  we the people can and will work together on our projects to create more jobs, end homelessness, and to bring more literacy to the prison system,...  People will give based upon their incomes.  I do request your assistance with these projects. 
Donate to Rap to Tap Performance Camp.  

Thank you.

Taking Responsibility for Literacy

The late Congress Member Juanita Millender McDonald conducted a meeting  a few years ago because she was upset that our country had brought in 35,000 persons from Germany to do work that it was stated no one in the United States knew how to do.  Her point was that industry should be training Americans for this and other work.  We are still denying work to Americans based upon the lack of training, or desire not to pay Americans, yet we seemed confused when the goods and services indexes go belly up.  We are
in some instances ignoring other work that should be done to make life better for all Americans, jobs that anyone can do, but have not been assigned..

Looking to Washington for stimulus money may be effective if the unemployed or under employed are persons who have not had any type of brush with the law or bad credit even, because of the level of security clearance that some will have to have in order to work in the new technologies that are being created.  It is rumored that China has already hired many of the brightest minds from around the world on such projects as neutron technology.

Dealing with the challenges of  joblessness, and in some instances, homelessness with joblessness is a task that private industry must bear, especially coming on the heels of reduced special unemployment assistance for the chronically unemployed or underemployed, plus the reduction of taxes for the top earners.  While rumors of more stimulus funds avail in clean air technologies these jobs may never be in the domain of the chronically  unemployed,  and it is yet the task of the small business to look for ways to increase the earnings in the United States for our own survival.  

The relationshi between the worker/consumer in this country and the business owner/consumer is symbiotic.  The fewer persons employed, the fewer people buy, which leaves the business owner eating his own cost while saying, "I'm buying my own stuff to make a sale."  So many people come to California for the weather.  Many stay in California, for the weather.  Any day that people in Los Angeles are complaining that  it's so cold at 60º there is someone battling snow, driving in rain or on black ice, fending off cold wind or something more severe.  Many other people come here for the film industry and many Native Californians stay here for the film industry.

While there are casting companies in parts of Southern California, there is the imaginary water cooler, rumor mill, golf course and other casting that is based upon relationships that are created prior to the casting call to which "Stars" seldom if ever come to because those deals are made often before a project is funded. 

People who are in California, for the film indu
stry soon find that many movies or made in other parts of the country.  To quote Michael Eisner while still at Disney, in a conversation with me Queenii Ruth Summers about new productions, "...We do more movies in Texas than in California."  He was speaking of Disney at the time.  Yet many Native Californians stay hoping to get into the movie industry, the license plates keep coming from other states, plus people come from around the world come to be discovered in the "Entertainment Capital of the World," only to be forced to find work in some other industry, be homeless, participate in the criminal justice system,
or go back home if from some place else.. It is incumbent upon all industries to help in creating more jobs in Los Angeles County.

Rap to Tap Performance Camp was created by Rev. "Queenii" Ruth Summers, Publisher of Fun and Money News, a singer, theater director, dancer, and teacher.  She is from a family of ministers and educators.

Donate to Rap to Tap Performance Camp.  Thank You.


Our Ministries have provided many services throughout the years i.e.,


  • producing concert and theater tours: church, civic, schools, colleges and universities,
  • providing Temps for political campaigns for local, state, and national elections,  
  • doing event planning such as conventions, family forums, town hall meetings, 
  • producing TV commercials and making group purchases from TV networks,
  • helping writers and producers to produce projects, 
  • paying Temps to work at local non profit organizations,
  • staff doing volunteer hours with many non profits,
  • business writing e.g. incorporations, contracts,
  • writing grants for various organizations,
  • hosting radio and TV Shows,
  • producing Street Festivals,...

Thank you so much for your perusal.  Let's move forward in peace.  Great Gifts Treasure Hunt

Sincerely yours,



Chaplain Ruth Summers Tweedle - Rap to Tap Performance Camp Administrator,
Publisher, Former Radio Host
Chaplain Revell Tweedle Photo Mentor Former Radio Host
Former Hosts Food For Life Radio Show 1460 AM KTYM
Catherine Davila - Real Estate Agent Manager Resource Person
Dr. Jessie C. Barbour, Psychologist
Fun & Money News

Call PH 310.514.6691 for info or to meet with us.
C.L.I.F.F. Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation

S.O.A.R. Seeking Other Alternative Resources
Phone 323.606.3423
6054 S. Normandie Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90044
Administrators Chaplain Ruth C. Summers Tweedle, M.A.
Dr. Jessie C. Barbour
Catherine R. Davila Licensed Realtor
Chaplain Revell Tweedle, M.A. Div.

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