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Holographic technologies
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Holographic Technologies
Cell Phones Safeguards to Weight Loss

ck years ago in the 1900s when holographic scanning was in the process of being invented by Dr. Ernest Walker and other inventors on the team at IBM no one would have believed that this newfangled notion would have taken over not only grocery stores but almost any type of business.  

Now the "Millenniums Old" technique of acupuncture is being effected by holographic technologies, needle-less acupuncture.

Dr. Ernest L. Walker has been an accomplished inventor for many years. He attended Rusk College in his undergraduate studies where he met his wife Contralto Vivian Huey Walker.

Dr. Ernest L. Walker began his career with IBM in Michigan, was transferred to New York, continued in North Carolina where he ended his career with IBM. Among the notable inventions to which Dr. Ernest L. Walker is attributed to having made contributions as part of the IBM Team is the IBM Holographic Scanner. His contributions to that invention are notable and this invention is important in the way in which it has increased accuracy in sales and inventory control beginning in grocery stores. This invention has grown to be utilized in numerous businesses of other types, and presently holographic technologies are utilized with smart phones and in such areas as needle-less acupuncture.

Dr. Ernest L. Walker has spoken and consulted regarding his research in telecommunications and other subject in both North America and Europe. His doctorate is in communications.

Dr. Ernest L. Walker has worked as a professor at universities in West Virginia and Louisiana and is currently a professor in Electrical Engineering at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Dr. Ernest L. Walker was formerly the Dean of the Chemistry Department at Southern University.

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