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Photo of Julia Davis Vice President Al Gore BJ Davis courtesy of Fleur de Lis Studios.  Thank You. 
Photos by Revell Tweedle: Over the years Revell Tweedle has photographed many famous people: Snoop Dogg backstage at Madison Square Garden, Wilma Rudolph, Mohammad Ali, Florence Griffith Joyner at Associated Black Charities,  Patrick Ewing at Madison Square Garden,... Thank You. 

Fishing and Relaxing in Alondra Park

The skate board park, swimming pools, picnic areas are only a part of the fun at Alondra Park. Listening to the wise philosophy of Tony, one of the fishermen at Alondra Park was a highlight of a lovely day at Alondra Park with church picnics and other festivities.

Rap to Tap Performance CampTM utilizes "Arts as Education" in remediation and accelerated learning.   Just as the Golden Rule pretty much sums up the wisdom of the Bible, reading, mathematics, and  self esteem sum up education.  Subject matter is mostly divided between disciplines related to math and/or reading, and the ability to thrive in todays schools where it is sometimes fashionable to be a bully is much helped by consistent doses of self awareness followed by self esteem, then mutual admiration.


Year round is a “New Beginning” time of the year; and we can utilize after school and Summer Breaks to enrich the educational experience of youth through encouraging youth through arts as education to increase their learning experience by getting a better grasp on reading, math, self esteem, and mutual respect, and their development of their inner spiritual self and physical health and civic responsibility... 
It is important to note that the time of day when youth get into the most trouble is in the three hours directly after school when many are unsupervised.


The main focus of this type of an educational experience is youth, and then young adults who have struggled with reading and math. Secondary to this focus is working with youth to maintain a consistency of care during hour when parents are still at work or are transitioning from work in order to make sure that youth have the opportunity to interact in positive fashions maintaining their dignity and sense of responsibility.  There was a time when preteens and teens had the responsibility of taking care of younger siblings but so often families are much smaller or children are spaced out so far that the sense of caring and responsibility is difficult for youth to imagine let alone carry out the function of which.


Our commitment is circular.  By enriching the education experience providing job and other experience, providing actual jobs upon completion of various apprenticeship programs, and providing cultural literacy, health and legal knowledge, plus allowing for the market flexibility of homes for homeless persons and homes for low income individuals we see a more satisfied world working together for overall peace.  It is written  Mark 14:7  “For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always.”  Matthew 7:12 Therefore all things whatsoever you would that men should do to you, do you even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.     




We seek venues for youth participating in Rap to Tap Performance CampTM to perform.  We seek funding to finance the payroll of those persons that are utilized to provide care and instruction to youth.  We seek funding for transporting youth to programs and /or from school to home.


Rap to Tap Performance CampTM is implemented by  S.O.A.R. Seeking Other Alternative Resources and by CLIFF Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation created by Chaplain Ruth C. Summers Tweedle a.k.a. Queenii having a global focus on implementing the creation of villages with new homes and jobs to facilitate homeless people and other low income persons in Continental United States CONUS and Outside Continental United States OCONUS.   CLIFF is collaborating with numerous entities including health professionals i.e. Dr. Peggy'e Martin and , and building construction and development concerns, i.e. Dr. Nathaniel Duffy.  Funding is required to actualize new programs that utilize theater arts, film, music, and sports entertainment instruction, to teach persons  acceptance of ones' self and then others through increasing self-esteem, positive action, accomplishment improving overall academic skills and vicariously lifestyles and responsibility in youth who will provide valuable resources to communities.  Youth knowing how to act become the resource.

Rap to Tap Performance CampTM enhances learning, motivation and participation among students working together on varying grade levels through helping one another in arts projects i.e. the discipline of theater which is worked as a unit systematically  learning methods that increase ability to read, comprehend what is read, and speed read, while utilizing numbers through music and other means to increase out comes for better understanding of math equations and standardized test taking for entrance into colleges, trades, and professions or entrepreneurship.  Cultural Literacy is the foundation upon law is made and will help youth to understand how to stay productive in society and to improve the environment in which they successfully coexist with others, thereby becoming better citizens and protectors of the environment that they inherit.

The Ride true story about Greyhound Lines


THE EXPERIENCE for those in LAS VEGAS WAS BETTER.  THEY WERE CUSTOMERS on a BUS RIDE THAT HAD AIR CONDITIONING THAT  (you’ve got it ) COULD NOT GO FORWARD OR BACKWARD:   A RIDE that won’t  MOVE:  and people call the Tough Mudder and Water SLIDES an unforgettable experience, EXCITING!   One customer arriving in Los Angeles from Las Vegas joked, “They must have sent the bus from El Paso over to Las Vegas, filthy toilet and all, but we did have air conditioning while we couldn’t move forward or back.” 

Six men raised up against workers who threatened to throw a woman nursing a baby, and another woman with two small children out of the Dallas Depot when they informed workers that a bag that one worker had snatched from behind the nursing woman who was sitting on the floor leaning against the bag in the overcrowded bus depot was not supposed to be put on a bus that was not going to the destination that the woman who was nursing was ticketed for.

The word customer @ Greyhound Lines is code word for passenger which is defined as – someone to be beaten like a rented mule or a redheaded step child, a person who is disdained, misused, abused, scornfully abandoned for 3 to 14 or more hours while waiting for a working bus, or driver, OR A CONECTING BUS ( since you missed all connections on your straight through ride because of Greyhound Lines gross errors ), neglected, mistreated or unwanted.  Yep sounds like a customer on a Greyhound Lines Bus!   YEP!   YipesWow!!!

Think about it, health and safety being top of the list for all customers:  A Bus THAT WON’T GO FORWARD OR BACKWARD IN Las Vegas and another in El Paso, plus non-working air conditioner and filthy toilet in El Paso. NO AIR IN HOT El Paso:  Filthy toilet in Las Vegas with air conditioner to blow around the stench on the non-moving RIDE.  

This does not even qualify as a virtual ride as the picture stayed the same, which was the backside of the Greyhound Lines Bus Depot.

Movie Flash By Chaplain Ruth Summers Tweedle recommends.

Picture courtesy of Fleur de Lis Film Studios                                

Top Priority Terror Within  is a documentary that shows how people who try to do the right thing in government are often defamed by persons who are trying to cover their own mistakes.  Imagine a Black Hawk Helicopter landing in your yard and your home being stormed by troops you r elderly parents being hand cuffed laying face down with guns to their heads, and your father suffering a heart attack when taken into the hot sun of the desert with no shirt on just because you reported a breach in Homeland Security which is your job that you have an exemplary record on.  This and more is the response to Julia Davis reporting Al Kaida operatives coming into the country in a group during the last Bush Administration. Pictured is Julia Davis, Vice President Gore, and B.J. Davis.

Family News

Photo by Chaplain Revell Tweedle                            Photo by Chaplain Revell Tweedle
Vicky Harper Hall & Hank Wilfong     Mayor James Butts of Inglewood

Street to be named for Honorable Henry T. (Hank) Wilfong, MBA, CPA
Above he is seen with Vicky Harper Hall of Northrop Grumman where family members and others guests were joyful to see Mr. Wilfong and other honorees including  Hector Barreto, Phillip A. Duffey, Lyne Choy Uyeda, JoAnn Butler, Mark L. Cazenave II at the Hall of Fame Minority Business Museum, 8th Annual Induction Ceremony at UCLA.

Mr. Wilfong, upon passing was said to have been as vital to business communities as Willie Mays was to sports.  He was the first African American elected to the Pasadena, California City Council, created the 2nd largest African American CPA firm, and was the SBA Associate Administrator working with MSBIC Minority Small Business Investment Company, ownership, and development.


We honor Chaplain Revell M. Tweedle for  mentoring many photographers. Chaplain Revell Tweedle has personally had pictures in Word Up, Black Beat, Globe, Jet, and more.  We are quite honored to have him to mentor and guide our Photography Team.  He has donated many photographic celebrity and art photos for use in our calendars puzzles and other projects.  Chaplain Revell Tweedle is was mentored by the prolific Chicago Daily News Photographer John L. Tweedle.

John L. Tweedle was the first African Amercan Photographer hired as a staff member for a major newspaper.  John Tweedle was referred to by many including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rev. Jessie Jackson, Jr. as the Civil RIghts Photographer.  His photography was seen not only in the pages of the Chicago Daily News but in Ebony Magazine and many other magazines, weeklies and periodicals.  John Tweedle traveled worldwide doing photography.  He dropped one camera in the Nile River playing with Rev. Jessie Jackson.

Revell Tweedle has mentored many persons in school and sports photography, and other educational consulting services for educational facilities: Churches, daycare centers to K-12, colleges and universities; plus celebrity weddings, and organizational events.

Neoshia Reneau completely exonerated 
Joshua exonerated on weapons charge

Neoshia Reneau freed on all charges. In a strange turn of events, Joshua Reneau while being exonerated on the weapons charge was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon a conviction that advisers have said should be turned over based upon the dichotomous nature of having been cleared of a weapons charge and having never touch the supposed victim.  Joshua was charged initially for shooting a gun when he cannot hold a gun as he has had no thumb since birth. For more background information email for related articles. 

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