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Saint Valentine's Day Beverly Hills a funny, romantic evening of entertainment and awards takes place Wednesday February 14, 2018, 8PM with Queenii, G Shane, M.C. Revell Tweedle Big Tweed and surprise guests at Ahrya Fine Arts Theatre 8556 Wilshire Blvd.   is a variety show including comedy, storytelling, music, and awards, and is a benefit for a collaborative of interests from animal rights, arts, education, homelessness and human rights activists, advocates, and servicing organizations.  CLIFF Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation heads the collaborative of over 30 organizations that are working together to end homelessness, educate youth and adults through the arts, reading, technology, math, finance, home training, increase awareness of proper care of pets and farm animals, and more, while restoring health in all lives, working from the premise, Mark 14:7 "For you always have the poor with you, and whenever you wish you can do good to them; but you do not always have Me.” 

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Donations for Causes       Agent  and Principal Investigator Ruth Summers Burgess Payne Ministries         .

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   Beverly Hills    
Revell Tweedle M.C. Revell Tweedle BIG Tweed

M.C. Chaplain Revell M. Tweedle, M.A., Chaplain for the collaborative Cultural Literacy Foundation Federation and a celebrity photographer was radio cohost for Food for Life on KTYM 1460AM, has had photography features in Black Beat, Jet, and Star Magazines, Fun and Money News, Globe, and Indigo Newspapers is from a family of entertainers including  “The Rappin’ Duke” Shawn Brown, and Revell Tweedle worked for Civil Rights Photographer John Tweedle who was the first Black Photographer for a major newspaper Chicago Daily News and was the host of  the Our People Show in Chicago.  Are YOU on The List?  Celebrity Photographer Revell Tweedle has photographed Rev. Jessie Jackson Denzel Washington Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Tina Turner Janet Jackson, Stogie Kenyata, Eddie Murphy, Earl Graves,  Bill Cosby, Tom Cruise, Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Patty Labelle, Spike Lee, and many more.  Come party and join The List.  You never know who might show up.  Be part of a Fun Book of People that Celebrity Photographer Revell Tweedle is formulating of some of the people he has photographed.

Marla Gibbs & Queenii                Wilma Rudolph Muhammad Ali Florence Griffith Joyner            G Shane Black Poet
Photo by Revell Tweedle             Photo by Revell Tweedle                                                            Photo by Revell Tweedle

Queenii is back vocalizing during February in Los Angeles.  She performs comedy, spirituals, jazz, blues, classical in a range from baritone to lyric soprano.  Vocalist, former bicoastal model including Bud Billiken's Day Parade, TV Host Houston and Los Angeles, and Radio Cohost Queenii has performed her show The Spirit of Freedom, soloed, and done concerts in Los Angeles, Hollywood to Leimert Park to South Central Los Angeles to Long Beach at Phillips Temple A.M.E., First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, Epps United Methodist, National Baptist Convention at L.A. Convention Center, Village Baptist Church Pastor Charles Harris, New Zion Chapel First Baptist Church Pastor John E. Edwards, Greater Good Shepard Baptist Church Pastor Charles Gyden, Understanding Principles for Better Living where Rev. Dr. Della Reese Patricia Early Lett pastored, First Lutheran Church of Inglewood, schools, colleges, libraries, theaters, and festivals, Jimmy Kimmel’s Audience, Forest Lawn for Martin Luther King Concert, Black History Month, Kingdom Day Parade, Watt’s Parade, funerals, and college graduations, and been in videos for Snoop Dogg, Kings of Leon and more.   Queenii’s youth group Jazzsette has performed in Pasadena Library, L.A. Convention Center, City of Angels Church  when Rev. O.C. Smith was Pastor, and S.O.A.R. Community Center Library and Museum.  Queenii sang for the opening of Hollywood Park Casino, store openings, has toured colleges, parks, casinos, convention, and civic auditoriums in the north, south, midwest, and southwest and did lead role in Blues Muse, Spirit of Freedom, and Divine and Sassy in which she vocalized the role of Sarah Vaughan, produced national tour Louis Armstrong Tribute Sweet Lo’Raine, and has directed the music, theater, and reading and math program Rap to Tap Performance Camp
TM in Texas, Missouri and Illinois bringing 5th, 6th, and 7th graders reading on 2nd and 3rd grade levels to 11.0+ in four to six weeks.

G Shane Black Poet

G. Shane Black Poet says he, “Grew up in nightclubs.”  This music writer has performed in clubs and events in the Midwest and in park concerts in Los Angeles.  G Shane has used his music talents working with youth and young adults to help increase the peace, and has worked in food programs for elderly and homeless people.  “A poet paints a picture with his lyrics, whatever the moment is.”   G. Shane will be singing and he plays piano and guitar.  

Among the honorees are Dr. Charles Aronberg former Mayor of Beverly Hills honored for continued service to communities, Robert Barbour and Dr. Jessie C. Barbour S.O.A.R. Kids Minding Their Own Business for efforts to “Empower the Family and Empower the Community,” Bishop Charles Blake and Churches of God in Christ Team and West Angeles Church of God in Christ Housing and Economic Development Services, Brad Carson Jobs Create Peace and Hood Nation Teams for job and life skills training providing jobs and breaking the cycle of the repeat offender, Chaz Dean and the Wen Team for efforts to bring dignity to homelessness and superior hair care products, Philanthropist & Bail Bondswoman Jacquelyn Deloatch  for Assisting Seniors and Disabled Veterans and  Youth Workshops in Schools and Networking to Develop New Business Owners and Job Opportunities, Pastor John Edwards for continued service in New Zion Chapel First Baptist Church and throughout the area with Spanish Classes and Interpretation, Andy Gil Lighting Director for conservationist services and philanthropy, Denise Estelle for Recognizing and Honoring the Role of Fathers through Honor Thy Father and promoting and networking to develop business opportunities,  Charles Gyden for dedication as Pastor of Greater Good Shepherd Church and Marina Airport Physical Therapy Team for continued service to physically impaired individuals and sports teams, Vicky Harper-Hall f or promoting economic and racial diversity through the awarding of minority contracts and opportunities, Charles Harmon for work in American Honda and supporting the awarding of minority contracts through Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council, Barbara Lindsey for founding the Black Business Expo in Los Angeles and internationally exposing working people to an affordable yet lush world of travel, Barbara Morrison for continued work in preserving and promoting ethno-musicology and employing musicians, Dr. Nathan Finley Rabb Sr. and the Holistic Health Service Team for continued worldwide service and charity, Drs. Joshua and Sherilyn Smith and Word of God University Team for Our Place where the community and the world learn how to serve God, Bishop Edward Turner and Pastor Carolyn Turner and the New Power of Love Christian Fellowship and Community Day Team for continued and faithful services to Los Angeles Communities, Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer and Faithful Central Bible Church for efforts to build a university in Downtown Los Angeles Skid Row.

Laemmle Ahrya Fine Arts Theatre

A romantic evening of laughter combined with intriguing and funny stories from the beginning of Beverly Hills: this will include great stories from some who were here in the earlier life of Beverly Hills, interspersed with music.

Saint Valentine's Beverly Hills a funny, romantic evening of entertainment and awards takes place Wednesday February 14, 2018, 8PM with Queenii, G Shane, and surprise guest stars at Ahrya Fine Arts Theatre 8556 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211.  Chaplain Revell M. Tweedle is M.C.  Among the named sponsors is GOD Covenant Homes LLC.  Contact 310.514.6691 for sponsorship and program ads.

Saint Valentine's Beverly Hills is taking place at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theatre, an amazing space from the Art Deco period.  The theatre itself is a star with amazingly beautiful art deco design.  The theatre has a storied past and is a wonderful setting for the inside stories of the rich famous and infamous variety show Saint Valentine's Beverly Hills.


The ambience of the Ahrya Fine Arts Theatre is as one visitor said, “Like being in a movie myself.”  Ahrya Fine Arts Theatre was built in 1936 and opened in 1937.  It was designed by Architect B. Marcus Priteca, who also designed the Warner Grand in San Pedro, and many theatres around the country for the Pantages company.  Until 1948, it was called the Wilshire Regina.  In 1948, it was renovated and renamed Fine Arts.  That year, it hosted the Los Angeles premiere of The Red Shoes, and has hosted many premieres over the decades.


It was operated by Fox Theatres from 1948 to 1985, and was first operated by Laemmle Theatres from 1985 to 1993. In 1993, it was bought and renamed the Cecchi Gori Fine Arts.  Under the guidance of Joseph Musil, who also spearheaded redesigns of the Westwood Crest and El Capitan Theatres, the theatre was completely renovated and restored to its deco glory.  In 2015, the theatre was renamed Ahrya Fine Arts after the son of the building's new owner, Shawn Far.  In September 2015, Laemmle Theatres entered into a contract with Shawn Far to program and manage the Ahrya Fine Arts. At present, it is the only single-screen theatre operated by Laemmle.  Ahrya Fine Arts Theatre 8556 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211.  Saint Valentine's Beverly Hills begins at 8PM on February 14, 2018 with a lovely reception beginning at 7:15PM.  Concession stands will be open during the show.   Metered parking is free after 7PM Monday-Friday, no stopping on Wilshire Blvd from 3-7pm.

Thank You so very much.  GOD Bless Us ALL

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Music Queenii CLICK Arrow  
Queenii sings "I AM"  from  Baritone to Coloratura with UP Choir then Queenii & The Freedom Band  Rock "Saint Louis Blues"
Management Catherine 310.514.6691
Agency Modus Operandi

Economic Development is Key to Ending Problems of Poverty in the World.
Economic Development is Key to Motivating Students in America to LEARN.

Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation
C.L.I.F.F. Phone 310.514.6691
Donation for Building Homes for People in America and the World  

Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation CLIFF is working with nonprofits and developers to help create a better environment for all.


Los Angeles has had the highest level of national poverty at 27% of the people being under the poverty level, and about 28% of the homeless people in the United States.

Let's examine some reasons for homelessness.

Who is Homeless?   All kinds of people are homeless.   41% of adults were employed within the last year. 16% to 20% of adults are employed.  48% graduated high school; 32% have a bachelor’s degree or higher (as compared to 45% and 25% for the overall population).” SEE: 
The next question is, “How did you come to this point in your life?”

  1. Any of us could have moved to an unfamiliar city hoping for better job e.g. in the movies.
  2. Any of us could have gone through a bad divorce or mutually agreed upon divorce in which the house was foreclosed on and we don’t have enough money to live, separately.
  3. Any of us could have come out of a military career to find no new job, depressed, and disgraced.
  4. Any of us could have lost a job at middle age or any other age at a plant or an office, not been able to find another job, used up the six months of emergency savings, and have been evicted from rental, or foreclosed and evicted. Think of live-in caregivers when clients die, or move to a nursing home.
  5. Any of us could have been jerked from family rightfully or wrongfully ushered from one foster care house to another not being given preparation for being put out of a foster care house when the check stops:  Some aged out foster care girls get pregnant to have a welfare check (generational poverty the opposite of generational wealth), boys and girls learn to steal or beg to eat; go in and out of the jail (house).  Wrongly?  Judge Michael Nash ordered review of 30,000 foster care cases:  50% of  children could have stayed home:  Poor families targeted, county paid on headcount by federal government like in school system.  SEE various news sources at:
  7. Any of us could have served time for a crime we either did or did not do and have trained and worked in a prison labor force for companies that will not hire us when we come out of prison.
  8. Any of us could have become late on a mortgage payment and not been allowed to catch up the payments when we obtained the money to pay, because the lender brought the entire loan forward.
  9. Any of us could be struggling living in a car or a mobile home and it get towed for tickets.
  10. Any of us could have had head trauma leaving us so disoriented that we can’t find home.
  11. Any of us could have been put out of a mental institution with no external housing system in place.
  12. Any of us could be in the cross of family bickering and growing up, and be put out by the family.
  13. Any of us could be victim to predatory lenders who have written illegal elements into mortgages.

Did you know that about 28% of the people who are homeless in the United States live in in Los Angeles County?
Half of those people have been identified in Downtown and South Los Angeles.  We can and do help out.

GOD Bless in JESUS' Name.


People get the H's mixed up.  Hunger/Homeless  We are constantly having food fights with homeless people but don't provide homes.  Our government has been providing housing for decades to a few but have not purchased the properties or allowed the indigent to own the properties our government (which we own) was paying for.  We Have A Plan.  We look to the Biblical Cultural Literacy found in Habakkuk 2:1 & 2 explains to us to listen within ourselves to hear what GOD is telling us to do as leaders and then to write it down in plain language so that others who are working with us can easily follow the instructions.  It is time to actually build some homes for "home"less people in communities that are supported by jobs and commerce.

"Help the People. The only thing that is important is helping the people," says Chaplain Revell Tweedle photography mentor, formerly a Show Host on Food for Life The Our People Show 1460AM

C.L.I.F.F. Intro to Financial Extract & Financial Extract  Copyright © 2015 by Chaplain Ruth C. Summers Tweedle


C.L.I.F.F. Phone 310.514.6691
Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation

Financial Projections Extract is the expense necessary for the build out for the first year establishing a hospital and supportive services to run a thriving recovery center (village). All locations will be based upon the Model 5 and have similar facilities and protocols that will be implemented through cooperative economics.  Too many people in the United States of America are too poor.  This is an American Imperative for the creation of a more holistic environment in which more people live well which holistically creates a healthier, booming economy.  So much money was left on the table when the decision was made to design and inflict homelessness.  We have people in families on the street homeless due to pricing people out of neighborhoods for racial reasons, plus over inflated markets geared to the highest income earners such as sports and other entertainers, coupled with the ridiculous downsizing of the HUD Budget for low income properties in 1983 from 83 billion to 18 billion. Vouchers for housing be it military or civilian for Section 8 are worthless without available housing.

Super ills from attrition to birth control incentives, drug infiltration, A.I.D.S. diabetes, gun violence, imprisonment false and deserved did not decrease the numbers of people to the extent that lower amounts of housing were expected to encompass.  All of these super ills being introduced into the public are reminiscent of the syphilis experimentation on Black Soldiers.  Three of the soldiers are still living. When you put on the duck suit, some in authority think they can do anything they want to you.
Areas that hold large acreage allow for expansion, growing organically.

All Models will begin with the New Villages Design 5 and build up or down from there in accordance with space. 
Contingency is 12%, and is necessary for unforeseen problems be it acts of GOD, war, terrorism, etc.

The governance of the administration creates a peripatetic system to allow for expansion and to create better lifestyles CONUS and OCONUS.  Family entertainment, beauty, health, and relaxation are parts of the market mix. Research shows that communities such as Anaheim, Las Vegas, and New York thrive with family entertainment. Thank you for your perusal and prompt attention to these matters.

Financial Projections Extract

C.L.I.F.F. Healthy Villages Target Areas help to abate homelessness and restore health in all lives.

We have a breakdown of the creation of affordable Communities by: Land Costs, Construction - Equipment &      Construction Staffing, Insurances & Fees, Approximate Line, Churches, Infrastructure, Schools, Village Homes,       Health Facilities, Morale Welfare, REIT, Board, Recreation & Event Facilities, and more.

Monticello, AR                            $    39,828,500.

Apple Valley, CA                              50,125,200.

Apple Valley, CA                              46,932,200.

Bakersfield, CA                            94,005,200.

Bakersfield, CA                            16,034,200.

Inglewood, CA                                  49,140,500.

Los Angeles, CA                               72,027.200.

Newberry Springs, CA                         50,310,200.           

Sylmar, CA                                        31,541,000.

Woodland Hills CA                           32,576,200.

Atlanta, GA                                       49,937,500.

Cahokia, IL                                        29,990,200.

Chicago, Illinois                                56,527,331.

East Saint Louis, IL                           50,827,200.

Orland Park, IL                                  24,752,200.

Johnsburg, IL                                     25,803,200.

Monticello, KY                                  26,012,200.

Albany, KY                                       26,389,800.

Port Gibson, MS                                51,295,100.

Saucier, MS                                       62.098.422.

Houston, TX                                      23,422,200.

Hou/Acres Homes, TX                         53,127,200.

Monticello, UT                                  50,755,200.

Castleton VA                                     35,188,200.

Culpeper, VA                                     60,410,000.

McKenney, VA                                  37,180,200.

Dominica                                            42,175,000.

Mumbai, India                                    49,269,000.

Mumbai, India                                   50,803,720.

Trinidad & Tobago                            45,012,200.

Trinidad & Tobago                            52,641.550.
Everyone deserves a Home.        $1,386,108,023.



People look to the government for help as well we should, but too often the government has had a greater concern for big business than for the people.  This country while developed upon lofty goals and ideals has in some ways not lived up to the best of who we can be.


Looking at the current day One Percenters  (1%ers) we can’t help reflecting upon the 107 large plantations that were basically the impetus behind the Civil War; while the poor and the marginally poor middle class live homeless or worried about becoming homeless, we have a situation that is tantamount to the relocation of people for the purposes of slave labor the farming industry, the Trail of Tears in 1830 to 1850 because of the discovery of gold in Georgia forcing people into the Midwest and farther, forcing African Americans and poor Whites into the bottomlands after the Civil War when rich farmers could no longer use these people, the Hoovervilles (shanty towns) of the era resultant of the Great Depression.


Forced relocation of Native Americans (Indians), African Americans (freedmen and slaves), Whites, Chinese, Japanese has been a mantra of doing business in this New’Knighted’States as some African Americans called it.  Going to another continent to develop the antebellum work force then after the Civil War abandoning the workforce in the flooding bottom land like Longview, Arkansas which some Whites called Nigger Bend, marching the Native Americans across the prairies because of a gold discovery in Georgia, putting mentally ill and elderly people onto the streets with no care givers, cutting low income housing budgets,  imploding housing projects without providing any other places for people to go, counting bridges and cars as being roofs overhead has been the standard.  OUT SOURCING is just another form of slavery. Building more communities with technologies such as I Touch Faucets, and solar energy will ultimately create a wealthier lifestyle for all.  I Touch Faucets are made in America, American Created and American Made.

C.L.I.F.F. Phone 310.514.6691
Cultural Literacy Intelligence Foundation Federation


TIP Word to the Wise:  Maria Davis of says, “No one hand clapping.”  While plans do not always work out as you think, always plan to benefit all concerned.


TIP Food for Thought:  "Try working at something that has the potential of extraordinary growth.  It takes just as many hours to do a small thing as it does to do a large thing,” Ruth C. Summers Tweedle.  Heard it once said, "The trouble with being poor is that it takes up all of your time."

TIP  Reduce Debt:  College Ready High School is available in most areas and allows a forward thinking family to prepare a child to take freshman and sophomore college classes while in high school.

TIP: Pay Raise and Debt Reduction: teaches cash flow management including income shifting, changing W4 for your benefit, and more.

From Lexi Moeller to Charles Babb to Mr. Peeples and Mollie Bell a Lasting Impression has been made by Photographer Revell Tweedle

Revell Tweedle has Been In National Magazines and in Newspapers: Oprah, Tevin Campbell, Chaka Khan... in Jet Magazine, Salt & Peppa, SWV... in Black Beat, Spike Lee, Rolanda Watts... in Globe..., Stogie Kenyatta, Muhammad Ali, Florence Griffith Joyner, Wilma Rudolph,  Patrick Ewing, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey in Fun & Money News, enumerable in Indigo Mega Magazine, and new artists photography for BMG, RCA, Sony, and Corporate Executive Portraits...
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